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Quang Cao Tran, DDS Bryan L Grimmer, DDS

Tooth-Colored Fillings – Springfield, VA

Enjoy a Metal-Free Treatment for Cavities

Although it is preventable, tooth decay is the leading oral health concern in America. When a cavity develops, your tooth must be treated with a filling as quickly as possible; however, you do not look forward to the dark restoration. What if you could enjoy a more natural-looking solution? Now you can with tooth-colored fillings. Your dentist in Springfield, Dr. Quang Cao Tran, will restore the health of your tooth using a treatment that is virtually undetectable.

What are tooth-colored fillings made of?

tooth colored fillingThe dark fillings you typically see are made from a mixture of metals, including mercury. This makes them durable and affordable, but there is a concern of long-term mercury exposure. Although they are deemed safe by the American Dental Association, many people have come to prefer a more biocompatible option.

Tooth-colored fillings are metal-free. They are made from a mixture of fine glass and plastic particles. They can be customized to match the color of your enamel, so no one can see that they are there.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings vs. Amalgam Fillings

Besides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, tooth-colored fillings in Springfield offer several advantages over traditional metal ones, including:

How are tooth-colored fillings placed?

composite resin fillingAfter performing an initial consultation, you are scheduled for an appointment to treat your cavity. We use special dental instruments to remove any areas of decay. We carefully clean your tooth before placing a weak acid on it. This opens the pores in your enamel and dentin to help create a secure bond between your tooth and the filling.

We use a shade guide to find the perfect color for your filling before applying it to your tooth. A special light quickly hardens the material. We file, smooth, and polish it for a flawless look.

Caring for your tooth-colored filling

It is not uncommon for composite fillings to last for 10 years or longer. To protect your new smile, it is best to:

Invest in a Beautiful Smile

man in dental chairWhether you have a new cavity or would like to have an old filling replaced, enjoy natural-looking results. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for tooth-colored fillings.

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