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Quang Cao Tran, DDS Bryan L Grimmer, DDS

Multiple Missing Teeth – Springfield, VA

Rebuild a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants

A single missing tooth can significantly impact your self-esteem but losing multiple teeth can devastate your oral health and your quality of life. If you have lost more than one tooth in a row, it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet and speaking is more challenging; however, there are larger issues brewing beneath the surface. You are slowly losing density in your jaw, which can lead to additional tooth loss. A dental implant in Springfield can help save your smile and restore your well-being.

What is an Implant-Retained Bridge?

model of implant-retained bridge

A fixed bridge is the most traditional solution to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth. An impression of your mouth is taken to carefully craft prosthetic teeth to match the appearance of your natural ones. It is held in place by bonding dental crowns to your adjacent teeth. Although it is effective, it requires you to alter healthy teeth, and it only replaces the crowns. As a result, this will only slow the complications of tooth loss.

You can preserve your jawbone and enjoy the next best thing to your real teeth using dental implants. An implant post at either end of the bridge anchors it to your bone. This not only preserves your remaining teeth, but it also replaces the roots, allowing you to achieve exceptional benefits when compared to a fixed bridge.

Benefits of Multiple Tooth Replacements

implant-supported bridge

A dental implant treats the entire tooth structure, including the root. This stimulates new bone growth in your jaw, allowing it to fuse to the post. This makes dental implants the most predictable and reliable solution to treat tooth loss. With an implant-retained bridge, you will enjoy:

Process of an Implant-Retained Bridge

woman in dental chair smiling

The process to complete your smile will occur in multiple stages. You first need to schedule a consultation with your implant dentist in Springfield to ensure dental implants are right for you. Besides a visual examination, a CT scan is needed to ensure you do not need additional procedures before placing your posts, like periodontal therapy or bone grafting.

An oral surgeon strategically places the implant posts into the jawbone while you are under sedation or anesthesia. Your gum tissue is sutured closed and you spend the next several weeks healing. Through a process called osseointegration your jaw will fuse to the posts.

After your jaw has healed, you need a second minor surgery to attach abutments to the posts. These special fixtures are connector pieces between the bridge and your posts. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks to heal from this phase. During this time, we are creating your custom-made bridge, so it is ready to be attached after your gum tissue heals.

You can fill the empty spaces in your smile using the next best thing to your real teeth. Contact our office today to see if dental implants are right for you.