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Quang Cao Tran, DDS Bryan L Grimmer, DDS

Cosmetic Bonding – Springfield, VA

A More Beautiful Smile In Just One Visit

Do you want to feel better about your how your teeth look? You’re not alone! Countless people want a more beautiful smile and don’t realize how easy it can be to achieve. With direct cosmetic tooth bonding in Springfield, Dr. Tran or Dr. Grimmer can completely mask a wide variety of minor cosmetic imperfections and, in just one visit, help you love the way you look. If you want a smile you can feel proud of, with less dental work than you might expect, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Close-up of a woman’s smile

Cosmetic bonding (also called direct bonding) is a procedure in which we apply composite resin to the teeth to fix both cosmetic issues and cavities. It’s tooth-colored and will be precisely matched to your existing shade so that it blends in with your smile perfectly. Some of our patients prefer to whiten their teeth beforehand to help the final result look even better.

How Can Cosmetic Bonding Improve Your Smile?

Photograph of a badly chipped tooth

At Smiles In Springfield, we use cosmetic bonding on many different issues, including:

However, more severe cosmetic issues may respond better to different procedures, in which case we’ll make the best recommendations during a consultation.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Cosmetic bonding being cured

In many cases, cosmetic bonding doesn’t require any numbing because we’re simply adding composite resin to the teeth. If it’s being used to fix a cavity, however, we often use local anesthetic beforehand.

When we first apply the material to your teeth, we’ll spend time shaping it so it looks very natural. Once it looks just right, we’ll use a curing light to harden and “set” it. Then we’ll polish it again to make it feel slick and smooth. This procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes per tooth.

What Are the Benefits?

Woman with a beautiful smile

One of the main benefits of cosmetic bonding is that it’s fast and simple. You can walk into our office and leave the same day with a totally different appearance to your smile. And since it looks so natural, you’ll still look like you - just a slightly improved version of you. It also has little to no downtime, so you can eat and drink normally immediately after your appointment.

As a dentist in Springfield, we’ve found that bonding often lasts at least 5-10 years with a few simple guidelines. First, avoid chewing on pens, ice, or hard candies to minimize the risk of chipping your new dental work, especially if it’s been done the biting edges of your teeth.

Also, be sure to continue seeing us for regular checkups so we can make sure your existing tooth structure around the bonding is still healthy. Since it can pick up stains from coffee, tea, and red wine, we’ll also polish your bonding at these visits to keep it looking great.

Want to know whether cosmetic bonding is right for you? Schedule a consultation with one of our talented cosmetic dentists so we can create a treatment plan for you!  

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