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Quang Cao Tran, DDS Bryan L Grimmer, DDS

Benefits of Dental Implants – Springfield, VA

Fully Restoring Your Smile

From the bottom up, no other tooth replacement option restores a missing tooth like a dental implant. Instead of only addressing the gap above the surface, dental implants go deeper and mimicking the natural tooth in both appearance and structure. Because of this, dental implants provide many advantages that other options simply don’t. Here are some of the benefits of choosing dental implants.

Added Security and Confidence

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Dentures may be convenient, but they also can slip or come loose at inconvenient times, causing embarrassment. You often need to use unpleasant dental adhesive in addition to suction or metal clasps for extra security. With dental implants, the jaw bone grows around and bonds to the post, holding it firmly in place. As a result, you can bite, chew, speak, and smile with complete confidence in your teeth.

Preserving Remaining Natural Teeth

Placing dental bridges requires using remaining healthy teeth as anchors, which entails removing healthy tooth structure and placing a bridge on top. This process can leave these remaining teeth vulnerable to decay and can lead to additional dental work in the future. In contrast, dental implants stand independent of your natural teeth, helping you keep them healthier longer.

Improved Oral Health

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When a tooth is extracted, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated and can lose density. Dental implants restore the root of the tooth, stimulating the jaw bone much like a natural tooth does. As a result, the jaw bone continues to grow and become strengthened, which helps support your remaining healthy teeth in the long run as well.

Natural Facial Shape

When you lose density in the jaw bone over time, your facial structure begins to change. Your face can appear more sagged and older. Again, dental implants prevent loss in of bone density in the jaw, helping you preserve the shape and appearance of your face.

Success and Longevity

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The strong majority of dental implants are placed successfully. In fact, they have a higher success rate than bridges, dentures, and root canal therapy. Also, dental implants can last significantly longer than dentures and bridges, which typically need to be replaced after a maximum of ten years. With the proper maintenance, dental implants can last thirty years or longer!